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The Lancair IV/P Conversions

We provide turbine conversion kits for Lancair IV/P using the Walter 601 turbine engines from Diemech Turbines.   It is a firewall forward kit that provides you everything you need to convert  from belly tank for extra fuel to cowlings for aerodynamical efficiency.  You also have optional items to choose from and we include all required hardware.

Our kits are superior for a number of reasons.  We recover pressure, handle internal aerodynamics, have a safe fuel system just to name a few.  Turbine Solution Group has been developing their turbine kit since 1996 and has years experience of building experimental aircrafts and parts.  You'll find our trained professionals are meticulous, safety conscience, friendly and dedicated.  Our customer planes have a performance of 330 knots at 24,000 ft.  The total flight time is 3 1/2 hours plus reserve fuel and provides 1,300 nautical mile range with a 35 gallon fuel consumption at cruise altitude.  We are capable of this range because the belly tank holds an extra 35 gallons of fuel and the luggage tank an extra 25 gallons of fuel; that is a total of 60 extra gallons of fuel.

Various sample installations from our installation shop located in Deland, FL.

Engine Installation Dashboard & Fuel Selector Quadrant  Plenum

The gear doors do not change and can be used as is from Lancair.

For your information, our partner Diemech Turbines has quality tested engines available.


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